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La Fontanella Restaurant located in the Pelican Landing shopping
center in Bonita Springs prides itself in fine italian dining and
excellent service.
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We at La Fontanella would like to assure you of the freshness & high
quality of the ingredients that make up our gourmet dishes & excellent
desserts.  Our cuisine is culminated by our selection of fine wines from our
extensive wine list, warm atmosphere & friendly professional service.
La Fontanella warmly inviting with well-executed Italian fare.
L.G. Gordon, Naples Daily News.  Rated ***

La Fontanella enters a club of elite restaurants.  Jean LeBoeuf, The News Press.
Rated: Food& Atmosphere ***1/2         Service ****
We offer dine in, take out and catering  with the same quality that has made
us successful since our inception, July 2000.
La Fontanella's Family would love to share with you
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Review: La Fontanella serves the real thing
Thursday  November 20, 2008
KELLI STANKO / Special to the Daily News

La Fontanella is just that: a small but upscale neighborhood restaurant and — I’m happy to say — it’s
my neighborhood restaurant. Located at the Shoppes at Pelican Landing strip mall, squeezed between
the pink neon lights of Cheeburger! Cheeburger! and a busy nail salon, La Fontanella manages to pull
off a casually elegant atmosphere, conveyed to the customer through tasteful decor and impeccable
Open for dinner seven days a week until 10 p.m., La Fontanella seems to be busy whether it’s Friday or
a Tuesday. The dining room is warm and inviting, the pastel-colored walls and the framed modern art
giving it a chic, upscale feel. An extensive wine list, heavily populated by Italian reds and whites,
accompanies a menu that offers genuine Italian fare.
Its food that is straightforward and simple — in a good way. It’s the food so many people fall in love
with while they travel to Italy and that is hard to find around here.
The seafood-heavy selection of appetizers includes traditional bruschetta, grilled calamari and mussels
in white wine sauce. The only starter to feature meat is carpaccio, one of my favorite appetizers. At La
Fontanella this classic Italian dish is flawlessly prepared. Paper-thin slices of raw beef tenderloin are
served over a bed of baby arugola, drizzled with a simple dressing of extra virgin olive oil, lemon and
capers. Shaved parmigiano reggiano tops it off, adding a subtle saltiness to the meat. The thin sliced
filet mignon is of the melt-in-your-mouth kind and the dressing is made just in the right quantity,
moistening the beef without drowning it.
The mozzarella alla piastra is also a great appetizer, although it might fill you up more than what you
think or wish. Two thick slices of fresh mozzarella are breaded and then pan-fried until golden outside
and hot and gooey inside. Needless to say, the delicate melted cheese pairs up well with the roasted
plum tomatoes that are served with it. A drizzle of basil infused olive oil adds a little more flavor to it,
bringing together one of Italy’s most loved combinations: mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and extra virgin
olive oil.
As pasta dishes go, most of the options offered at La Fontanella are authentic Italian fare ranging from
the southern favorite of fresh pasta with sausage and broccoli to the northern classic of fettuccine with
Bolognese meat sauce.
Unable to resist to the lure of linguini with clams, I order the linguini alle vongole with red sauce. Big
enough to feed two, my dish arrives at the table piping hot and smelling heavenly, the parsley adding a
nice touch of green to the redness of the sauce. The linguini is cooked al dente, very generously dressed
with a savory tomato sauce and — literally — a mound of tiny, unshelled clams.
All around the circumference of the plate, eight bigger clams are laying in their shells, making the dish
look pretty in a down-to-earth, simple way. It only takes one bite to realize that my pasta not only looks
good, it also tastes amazing. The baby clams might be small in size but they are huge in taste and the
sheer quantity of them in the dish makes it even more enjoyable.
The non-pasta entrees feature some seafood, chicken, veal and beef dishes, all of which are served
with potatoes and a vegetable of the day. The dentice alla puttanesca is a great dish to order when in
the mood for seafood. A red snapper fillet is pan-seared in a white wine sauce with fresh tomatoes,
black olives and capers: the flavors of the puttanesca — the briny saltiness of the olives and capers, the
sweetness of the tomatoes, the tanginess of the extra virgin olive oil — blend together smoothly,
bringing out the delicate flavor of the fish fillet.
The pollo alla Contadina is also a good entrée selection. Chicken breast is sautéed with mild Italian
sausage, cherry peppers, mushrooms, onions and grape tomatoes in a basil and garlic white wine sauce.
“Contadina” is Italian for farmer and this dish, with its hearty sausage, chicken and vegetable combo,
showcases the colors and flavors of a rural, end-of-summer supper. The tenderness of the meat creates
a pleasant contrast with the crunchiness of the veggies. They are cooked just right: not too raw but not
too mushy.
An Italian dinner wouldn’t be complete with one of the country’s most beloved desserts: tiramisu.
Cookies soaked in coffee are smothered in a creamy and airy mascarpone cheese sauce, and topped
with cocoa powder. It’s delicious: airy and bittersweet like it’s supposed to be, but it’s also a very
generous portion.
After gorging on such great fare, I suggest you do what we did. Split it and drink an ice-cold
limoncello. It’s the Italian way.