Our Wine List
                  Champagne and Sparkling Wines

MOET & CHANDON “WHITE STAR”, FRANCE  75.00                  
Light and elegant on the palate, clean fruit flavors and a creamy texture.

Elegant, enticing and densely flavored, with bread dough, honey and citrus, supported by a
backbone of lively acidity

IRON HORSE CLASSIC BRUT, SONOMA   65.00                                                       
Aromatic and flavorful with a natural sweetness.

PIPER SONOMA, BRUT, CALIFORNIA    39.00                                    
Dry sparkling wine with a medium body featuring vanilla, oak and fruit flavors.

ZONIN, PROSECO, ITALY    34.00                                                                                     
Pleasant, light dry, Sparkling wine with a semi sweet finish.
               Selected White Wines By The glass

SPARKLING, CHARLES DE FERE, FRANCE, SPLIT 8.00                            

PINOT GRIGIO, ANTERRA, ITALY     7.00                                                      

PINOT GRIGIO, BOLLINI, ITALY    9.50                                                


CHARDONNAY, KENDALL-JACKSON, CALIFORNIA   9.00                      


SAUVIGNON BLANC, YEALANDS, NEW ZEALAND    8.50                          

RIESLING, CLEAN SLATE, GERMANY    7.00                                  

WHITE ZINFANDEL, FETZER, CALIFORNIA 6.00                                       

 Selected Red Wines By The glass

CHIANTI , TIZIANO, ITALY  7.50                                                            



MONTEPULICANO D’ ABRUZZO, ZONIN, ITALY   7.00                           

SHIRAZ, ROSEMOUNT, AUSTRALIA   7.50                                            



MERLOT, SALMON CREEK, CALIFORNIA   7.00                                        

MERLOT, KENWOOD “YULUPA”, SONOMA   9.00                                     

MERITAGE, KENDALL-JACKSON ,SONOMA 10.00                            

PINOT NOIR, MARK WEST, CENTRAL COAST 9.00                                    

                            Italian Red Wines

201    TIGNANELLO, ANTINORI, TOSCANA  145.00                                                      
Satin texture and full, plumy taste come from a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and
Cabernet Franc

202    AMARONE, MASI, CASTSERVA    95.00                                                             
Medium to full-bodied aromas of berry, plums and the forest with a long finish

203   AMARONE, BOLLA “ESTATE”, VENETO  72.00                                                    
Rich and opulent, smooth, velvety, warm, wild cherry, plum, almond with hints of spice

204      AMARONE, CA’ BERTOLDI, VENETO    68.00                                                     
Explosive flavor with scent of dried grapes, potent but soft.

205   AMARONE, LUIGI RIGHETTI, VENETO    59.00                                                     
Full-bodied and complex, emphasizing dried fruit

206   BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO, BANFI, TOSCANA  125.00                                  
Rich, round, velvety, intense aromas with an elegant lingering aftertaste.

207   BRUNELLO SASTTI MONTALCINO   99.00                                                             
Rich plum and cherry fruit flavors on the palate with a long, lingering finish.

Intense berry flavor with a hint of earth on the finish.

209    ROSSI DI MONTALCINO, CAPARZO, TOSCANA    46.00                                         
A young Brunello, deep color with spicy aromas of berry. Excellent balance and finish.

210    BAROLO, PIO CESARE, PIEMONTE       99.00                                                            
A classic, intense,  glassy garnet  red with blackberry jam and spice.

211    BAROLO, BRICCO, PIEMONTE   70.00                                                            
Harmonious combination of a full-bodied taste and delicate bouquet from carefully selected

Aroma of red fruit, taste is deep, full, round with a hint of licorice.

213   MONTEPULICIANO D’ ABRUZZO, GRU, ABRUZZO   30.00                             
Scents of dark plums and wild berries.  Full, long lasting flavor.

214    BARBERA D’ALBA, PIO CESARE, ITALY    46.00                                                 
Ripe black cherries, raspberries and cedar in the mouth.

215    BARBERA D’ASTI , MICHELE CHIARLO, ITALY  38.00                             
Extremely rich and complex, this wine possesses ripe, fragrant fruit flavors, and soft tannins.

216  BARBERA & NEBBIOLO, FONTANAFREDDA, PEIDMON    36.00                    
Scents of licorice, prune and chocolate.  Sweet and smooth tannis

217    GATTINARA, TRAVAGLINI, PIEMONTE   60.00                                                  
Delicious flavors, jam and plums, rich, ripe and full-bodied with a long complex finish.

218     SANGIOVESE, AUREO, TOSCANA   46.00                                                     
Delicious flavors, jam and plums, rich, ripe and full-bodied with a long complex finish.

219    SANGIOVESE, ROSSO PICENO, ITALY   34.00                                                        
Dry with soft tannins, aromatic with a lovely ruby color.

220    ANGIOVESE-MERLOT, SANTA CRISTINA, TOSCANA   30.00                      
90% Sangiovese & 10% Merlot . Oak aged, light to medium body, cherry, spice and cinnamon
aromas and flavors.

221   SUPER TUSCAN,RUFFINO“II DUCALE”, TOSCANA   44.00                                        
A blend of 80% Sangiovese, 15% Merlot & 5 % Cabernet Suvignon.
A lovely balance of ripe fruit and tannins. Hints of raspberry and cocoa.

Vinous scents with dark cherries and chocolate.

222   CHIANTI CLASSICO RESERVA, RUFFINO  GOLD LABEL  75.00                       
Rich, simple, complex with hints of violets and berry fruit.

223   CHIANTI CLASSICO RISERVA, MARCHESE ANTINORI,  68.00                     
Aromas of blackberry, plum and cloves.

224   CHIANTI CLASSICO RISERVA, VOLPAIA,   52.00                                                  
Rich fruit flavors, medium tannins, marvelous long finish.

Well balanced with good structure and a finish reminiscent of wild berries.

226   CHIANTI CLASSIC, BANFI, TOSCANA    36.00                                                     
Fruity, dry and well-balanced red wine with a full violet-floral bouquet.

227   CHIANTI, VOLPIA “BORGINII”, TOSCANA     34.00                                             
Deep black cherry, blackberry and cassis flavors.

228    CHIANTI, BANFI “SUPERIORE”, TUSCANY   30.00                                              
Deep ruby red color, intense, persistent with spicy notes and good structure.

229   PRIMATIVO, FEUDE DI SAN MARZONO, PUGLIA   34.00                                     
Balanced and soft mouth feel, with notes of red fruits.

230    VALPOLICELLO-RIPASSO, SAN GIUSEPPE, VENETO    49.00                      
Blackberry, licorice and dried raisin flavors.

231    VALPOLICELLA, MASI, VENETO   38.00                                                               
Soft, light and fruity, rich garnet color with light soft finish.

233     SYRAH, ARANCIO, SICILY    29.00                                                                             
Its wild berry aroma blends together with pleasing hints of chocolate and licorice.

                                       New World Red Wines

401   MERITAGE, DUCKHORN “DECOY”, NAPA   60.00                                                     
A rich, elegant wine--complex and well-structured with layers of opulent fruit and a
wonderfully  aromatic bouquet

402    MERITAGE HESS COLLECTION   NAPA   56.00                                                
Excellant length of flavor anf harmony between fruit and oak.

403    MERITAGE, ARTESA “ELEMENT”, CALIFORNIA    45.00                                   
(80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Merlot, 5% Syrah) Rich, smooth,  and concentrated
With intense berry fruit.

404   MERITAGE,KENDALL-JACKSON, SONOMA   38.00                 
A full flavored wine that has a smooth velvety finish.

405  CABERNET SAUVIGNON, CAYMUS, NAPA    125.00                                                
Flavors of cassis, coffee and toasted oak.

Bright aromas of black cherry, dark chocolate and allspice. A long smooth finish.

407   CABERNET SAUVIGNON, JORDAN, NAPA   89.00                                                  
Full-bodied, integrated palate structure, ripe tannins and a lingering finish.

408    CABERNET SAUVIGNON, SILVERADO, NAPA   75.00                                        
Flavors of plum, berry and cherry harmonize with aromas of olive and spice to create a wine
with very soft tannins and round, supple texture

409   CABERNET SAUVINGNON, ARTESE “RESERVE”, NAPA   68.00                            
Flavors of plum, berry and cherry with aromas of olives and spice

410   CABERNET SAUVIGNON, COLD CREEK, WASHINGTON   57.00                          
Cassis and vanilla dominate the nose with intense red berry fruit and mint

411   CABERNET SAUVIGNON, SIMI, NAPA    46.00                                                     
Organically grown full flavored and delicious currant and berry flavors

412   CABERNET SAUVIGNON, HESS SELECT, LAKE COUNTY   36.00                          
A velvety wine with berry mint and oak flavors, rich but gentle tannin structure

413    CABERNET/MERLOT, ROSEMOUNT, AUSTRALIA   30.00                                      
A medium bodied red with flavors of black cherry and raspberry.

414   MERLOT, STAG’S LEAP WINERY, NAPA     62.00                                                 
Plum and berry flavors with a touch of black currants mix harmoniously with oak for a
smooth, long finish

415    MERLOT, ALEXANDER VALLEY VINEYARDS, SONOMA  42.00                           
A rich wine loaded with plummy fruit flavors with a touch of aromatic grapiness.

416    MERLOT, CHATEAU ST. JEAN, CALIFORNIA   36.00                                            
Flavors of vanilla, blackberries, concentrated black fruit, round tannins, huge structure,
attractive spicy, floral, medium to full body

417    MERLOT, KENWOOD “YULUPA”, SONOMA     34.00                                           
Full-bodied with plum like fruit and supple texture

418   MERLOT, BLACKSTONE, CALIFORNIA      30.00                                                
Great flavor berry and cherry flavors give way to a velvety full finish.

419   SHIRAZ/CABERNET, WAKEFIELD , AUSTRALIA  30.00                  
This wine exhibit a spicy white pepper Shiraz and blueberry cassis aroma with some hints of
chocolate and vanilla.

420     SHIRAZ, ROSEMOUNT, AUSTRALIA    29.00                                                   
Intense spicy fruit and long, richly textured finish with a subtle nose of oak

421    ZINFANDEL, LYETH, SONOMA    32.00                                                                  
Very flavorful with spice and pepper that is softened by good balance and fruit

422    PINOT NOIR, MORGAN, MONTEREY     55.00                                                  
Concentrated aromas of blackberry and blueberry fruit with hints of spicy cinnamon oak.
Rich, luscious, velvet-textured wine

423    PINOT NOIR, LA CREMA, SONOMA   46.00                                                             
Aromas of ripe cherry, flavors of pomergranate and plum, Elegant mouth feel.

424     PINOT NOIR, KENDALL-JACKSON, CALIFORNIA   38.00                                 
Rich black cherry fruit with delicate shading of toast and vanilla

425    PETITE SYRAH, BOGLE, CALIFORNIA    32.00                                                  
Trademark inky and jammy tones fill the mouth with ripe fruit and berries.

                                        Italian White Wines

101   GAVI DI GAVI, LA SCOLCA, PIEDMONTE    49.00                                                   
Delicate, fresh and fruity, well integrated lingering and pleasure aftertaste

102   GAVI DI GAVI, FIGINI, PIEMONTE    47.00                                                              
The wine is delicate and fragrant with full fruit, a very friendly wine

103   ARNEIS, CARIEL, PIEMONTE    48.00                                                                            
A dry white wine with a grand structure of fruit, flowers and perfume, an elegant wine

104   FALANGHINA, NIFO-SARRAPOCHEILLO, CAMPANIA   44.00                               
Aromas of ripe bananas, pears, and pineapple with a nice delicate taste.

105    PINOT GRIGIO, SANTA MARGHERITA, TRENTINO    49.00                                   
Number one selling Pinot Grigio world wide, delicate and dry with excellent body

106    PINOT GRIGIO, BANFI “SAN ANGELO”, TOSCANA    42.00                                
Intense, full tasting, fresh, fruity and crisp

107    PINOT GRIGIO, FRATTINA     40.00                                                                          
Clean, crisp, dry wine, with hints of fresh fruit.

108   PINOT GRIGIO, BOLLINI GRAVE DEL FRIULI, FRIULI     38.00                
Extremely well-balanced and layered with lemongrass and soft citrus flavors

109   PINOT GRIGIO, ALTANUTA, ALTO ADIGE    36.00                                              
Rich in body, crisp and refreshing on the palate

110   CHARDONNAY, TORMARESCA, PUGLIA   32.00                                                  
Deep straw yellow color, fragrant bouquet of almonds and lemon and rich harmonious taste

111   CHARDONNAY/PINOT GRIGIO, BANFI TOSCANO   29.00                         
Vivacious, intense with a delicious light and dry fruity aroma

112   SOAVE, VILLA RASINA, VENETO    34.00                                                              
Aromas of white fruits, floral and fruity flavors that are pleasantly persistent.

113   GRILLO, FUEDO ARNACIO, SICILY  29.00                                                                
An elegant refreshing, fruity wine with a bouquet of jasmine.

114    ORVIETO, ANTINORI, TOSCANA    30.00                                                             
Fresh fruity citrus flavors that linger and compliment  lighter dishes

                                    New World White Wines

301   CHARDONNAY,  CHALK HILL, SONOMA   79.00                                                  
Rich, layered and generous.  Ripe and nutty with a long, lingering finish

302   CHARDONNAY, ROMBAUER, CARNEROUS   62.00                                                
Full bodied with peach, apple and mango flavors. Creamy texture with light oak.

Subtle, well polished flavors of apple and melon

304  CHARDONNAY, FERRARI-CARANO, SONOMA  48.00                                             
Fruit focused offering tropical overtones of papaya and mango.

305   CHARDONNAY, BUEHLER, RUSSIAN RIVER   38.00                                                 
Aromas of peach and citrus blossoms, notes of crème brulee and graham crackers.

306   CHARDONNAY, ST. FRANCIS, SONOMA     37.00                                                    
Full-bodied and flavorful with lush tropical fruit layered in a long lasting, lingering finish

307  CHARDONNAY, KENDALL-JACKSON, CALIFORNIA   34.00                           
Aromas of ripe citrus, green apples, pear and pineapples with notes of vanilla and toasty oak

308   CHARDONNAY, ROSEMOUNT, AUSTRALIA    28.00                                                 
A white peach aroma and fruity palate with a touch of oak

309    BLEND, CONUNDRUM, CALIFORNIA     48.00                                                             
A crisp, balanced wine with lingering notes of citrus

310    PINOT GRIS, KING ESTATE, OREGON   39.00                                                        
Silky with lots of fig, lemon, grapefruit and nectarine in the bouquet

311   SAUVIGNON BLANC, DUCKHORN, NAPA    57.00                                                  
Zesty flavors of grapefruit and lemon-pear.

312    SAUVIGNON BLANC, SILVERADO, NAPA    45.00                                                     
A big, fruit style with over tones of pineapple and grapefruit. Hints of grass with a dry, crisp

313   FUME BLANC, FERRI-CARANO, SONOMA   35.00                                                       
A clean refreshing wine with notes of vanillian and oak.

314   SAUVIGNON  BLANC, OYSTER BAY, NEW ZEALAND    34.00                              
Zesty and aromatic with lively penetrating  fruit character.

315   RIESLING, CLEAN SLATE, GERMANY      28.00                                                   
Fresh and balanced with peach aromas, a characteristic hint of mineral and
A long clean finish.

316   WHITE ZINFANDEL,  FETZER, CALIFORNIA   25.00                                           
Light and fruity with apricot flavors.